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What is Hospital Indemnity Insurance?

Hospital Indemnity insurance is a supplemental insurance plan designed to cover the cost of hospital admission, which may not be covered by your basic insurance. This can help to lower costs if you need to have a hospital stay. Benefits vary by plan. Let the team at Senior Health Desk Insurance Agency help you find the best solution for your needs.

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What Hospital Indemnity Insurance provides

The average cost of a hospital stay for a senior is almost $15,000 for a five-day visit, and while Medicare may cover some of this, it won't cover the complete cost. This means that you can be stuck paying thousands of dollars for a necessary medical treatment.

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How to choose the right plan for you

Do you have a high deductible insurance plan? If so, Hospital Indemnity Insurance may be well-suited for you. This is also true if you want a policy that doesn't place coverage limited to a specific network of doctors or hospitals, or if you don't want to have a specific primary care physician. However, Hospital Indemnity Plans typically require that you pay the bill first and then submit the claim to insurance. If you aren't able to pay bills upfront another option would be better suited for you.


What does
Hospital Indemnity Insurance cover?

Hospital Indemnity Insurance provides additional financial support if you are hospitalized for injury or illness. This includes you hospital admission for up to the first five days, transportation with an ambulance, Emergency room care, as well as specific benefits for radiology and lab and skilled nursing facilities. This is for you or someone you designate with the policy. Each plan is customized to you and your needs.

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Does Hospital Indemnity Insurance work with...?



Hospital Indemnity Insurance can be combined with Original Medicare coverage, which covers the majority of - but not all - expenses. You can pair Hospital Indemnity Insurance with Part A  and Part B of your plan to provide maximum benefits.



Hospital Indemnity Insurance works with your Medicare Advantage plan so that you pay less for healthcare due to injury or illness. As well, Hospital Indemnity Insurance can help establish more price predictability in your plan.



Medigap and Hospital Indemnity Insurance are both intended as supplemental coverage. When combined together, this can provide significant savings - covering both hospital, as well as your daily expenses you can't contribute to while in the hospital.

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